Craft Beer Tours in Saratoga Springs

Visit some of Saratoga's hottest pubs and learn about the local brewing scene.

Private tours

Bachelor tours, reunions, company meetings

Enjoy Local Craft Beer with Delicious Paired Snacks

Our knowledgeable guides will pair your beers with great food and will entertain and educate you

Try Our Local Hoppy Beers

Each beer is paired with delicious local food

About Saratoga Craft Beer Tour

Tours every Friday at 4PM.

Check our calendar for additional dates and times.

Private groups tours available – flexible timing.

Saratoga Craft Beer Tours are your perfect day out with family and friends.
Drink amazing beer and visit our hottest pubs.

  • Duration
    3 hour walking tour
  • Includes
    6+ craft beer tastings paired with delicious snacks
  • Time
    4PM Friday, May-October. Private tours available year-round.
  • Cost
Saratoga Craft Beer Tours IPA icon

``Hops, Barley and History``

  • Special Water
    Saratoga water was named best water of the state on "2018 Best Tasting Drinking Water".
  • Barley
    Fundamental ingredient, malted barley comes in a variety of colors, flavors, and degrees of roastiness that profoundly affect the color and taste of the beer.
  • Quality Hops
    From aromatic cascade, fruity citra, tasty centennial and crystal, you will taste only the finest hops.
  • History
    Learn about Saratoga Springs notorious history.

What is the Saratoga Craft Beer Tour ?

We will take you on a guided tour of Saratoga’s popular nightlife district which was once considered the center of “The wickedest city in America” Taste amazing local craft beer & and learn how unique handcrafted ales and lagers are made as you experience Saratoga’s most interesting pubs. The walk is short to each pub but it provides a chance to learn about Saratoga and its craft beer scene. This tour is great for novices and experts alike.

Each beer is paired with great food.

«Our knowledgeable and fun guides will entertain and educate you»

Discover our beer

Taste your way thru the area’s craft brewing scene, visiting Saratoga’s hottest pubs and learn about the city’s notorious history.

Why Our Beer Tour?

So whether you’re a beer snob, or just looking for a fun and unique thing to do in Saratoga, The Saratoga Craft Beer Tour is your perfect day out! Drink amazing beer. Visit the best pubs. Spend quality time with friends and family! Book your tour today!

What people say

"What a great time. Our guide Dave was great fun and knew everything about local beer"

Jim D, Saratoga Springs

"I never realized there were so many delicious local brews"

Sam H., Portland, Maine

"The most fun we had on our recent trip to Saratoga"

Amanda H., Brooklyn, NY

"Highly Recommended"

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